Monday, June 23, 2014


Ohhh heyyy! I know, I know, its been awhile- lots of crickets over here. But its only because I have slowly been piecing together that new site I mentioned in posts before ... and now you can head on over to and check it out for yourself!

I am super excited to have a new place, that's clearly my own (my own name as a domain, how fun is that?!) There isn't a whole lot there yet but I did share a recipe and a new meditation practice- and I have plenty planned for the near future.

I am so excited- I can't say that enough!- and I hope you join me there

Sunday, May 25, 2014


I know its cliche to say this but ... where has this month gone??

I wish I could say I have been busy working on the new site ... because I haven't really. Today I got a large chunk of it done and I am so excited for a new clean space to start fresh with new ideas. I have mostly been working my bread and butter job, practicing getting bendy, taking the time to read new books and explore new venture ideas, and spending as much time as I can experimenting with raw food and being outside with my little family.

This season has been busy- I don't imagine it will slow down, especially as I get back into the swing of consistently creating content. But I am excited. Maybe I needed a little mental break from everything to recharge. Hopefully you have still been following along on Instagram, I am at least consistent there!

I hope this spring has treated you well and I will hopefully be officially launching the new site here in the very near future!! ♥

Monday, April 21, 2014


Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind on the present moment


If there is anything I try to stick to with blogging it is to never apologize. Its been quiet on here- much more so than ever in the past. Sometimes purposeful, sometimes for lack of time. When I set out to post I want it to always be genuine, honest, and purely stemming from somewhere in my life. These days we have been soaking up spring, enjoying living life, and working on what will be my new web venture. Its taken a lot of energy! I still love this space but I can only spread so thin, you know? 

I love this quote- I love it because I need this reminder daily. I am a dreamer at heart. One of my more notable shortcomings is that I like to dream, make plans, set goals, and then forget the follow through ... oops! At this time in my life I could easily be blogging here 5 days a week, building a new site, working full time,  keeping up with obligations, and then completely forget that what matters is I have a healthy happy family and a beautiful season to enjoy. 

It is easy to look back and regret on things not done, to keep dreaming of everything we want in the future and then completely neglect everything that is in front of us today. 

So while there may be crickets on here, I am busy living the present. And preparing for some really exciting things to come! 

Happy Monday all, I hope your Easter weekend was beautiful ♥