The Story

Behind every blogger is a story. A reason why they were compelled to start blogging in the first place. I started Fair + Square during what was probably the hardest time in my life. I was extremely unhappy at my job, felt lost within myself, and battling some unnamed physical ailments- looking back they were most likely side effects of my unhappiness.

After a year of hard growing pains, self evolution and discovery I am here. In the present I am a much happier person- I left the old job and changed careers entirely, I am more in touch with my spirituality than ever before, I am open to learning again, to loving unconditionally- both others and myself, and making progress everyday to heal myself from the years of neglect. I was suffering from multiple digestion issues, chronic headaches, acne, weight gain, fatigue- you name it, I had it and doctors had no solution. I realized through months of inner battles and admissions that I was slowly killing myself with unhappiness and I was in a place where I was ready to move on, to accept that I deserved better! So in a slow evolution I have changed my life little by little.

I very much identify with self-healing and am living that process everyday. I have transitioned from vegetarian to a 90/10 vegan, practice yoga regularly, record in a gratitude journal daily, and am constantly reading great works on clean eating, healing, and spirituality. I am finding my body is working better, where I used to run on caffeine I actually wake up with energy (it still takes me by surprise!) I am flexible again, laughing more often, and noticing the small things in life that I used to rush by or be too tired to care.

Whether you are lost, finding your way, or grounded in who you are- I hope this space can be a place to have community. Honesty, nurturing, sharing, and realness are what I want to bring to the table here. I am not a writer or a photographer. All I know is I have been at my worst and I am working to be my best and sharing it helps motivate me to continue! ♥

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