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 Hello and Welcome to Fair and Square!

This blog was created in the spring of 2013- just as I was on the brink of breaking up with a career I had pursued for almost a decade. I was unhappy and unfulfilled and was just learning about the amazing and infinite world of clean eating, yoga, the power of positive thinking, and spirituality. F+S initially began as an outlet for my creativity through home decor and apparel but has shifted slowly as I have evolved into a new chapter of my life.

I live in the Midwest with my husband, Nate, and our pug, Stella. They bring me such joy, purpose, and inspiration- our little trio is where I am happiest. I get serious cases of wanderlust, my dream is to move on to a bigger city, and I have a tendency to dive into new ventures head first- sometimes sinking and sometimes swimming.

Some things you will find on here on F+S- recipe tests, my journey as a yoga beginner, natural beauty methods, bits and pieces of our life, and coming soon collections of handmade apparel, home goods, and pretty things. Besides my own experiments I love sharing inspirational quotes, meditations, challenges, and resources that I find helpful on this journey to a cleaner happier life!

One thing you will always be able to find here is honesty- I am not a pro or an expert in these areas. I am simply a girl working on creating a more beautiful life through food, positive thinking, fitness, love, and gratefulness. I will try just about anything and share the outcome whether good or bad, and I hope what you walk away with from this space is the courage to be curious, find what works for you, and pursue your own beautiful life.

♥ Janae

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