Sunday, May 25, 2014


I know its cliche to say this but ... where has this month gone??

I wish I could say I have been busy working on the new site ... because I haven't really. Today I got a large chunk of it done and I am so excited for a new clean space to start fresh with new ideas. I have mostly been working my bread and butter job, practicing getting bendy, taking the time to read new books and explore new venture ideas, and spending as much time as I can experimenting with raw food and being outside with my little family.

This season has been busy- I don't imagine it will slow down, especially as I get back into the swing of consistently creating content. But I am excited. Maybe I needed a little mental break from everything to recharge. Hopefully you have still been following along on Instagram, I am at least consistent there!

I hope this spring has treated you well and I will hopefully be officially launching the new site here in the very near future!! ♥

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