Friday, May 17, 2013

 I am wearing Forever 21, Mister is wearing Target Baseball tee, Mens 21 jacket, H&M sunnies

In a matter of two weeks I decided that I needed a change, a big change. I decided that I was going to completely halt my current career path as a Visual Manager/Merchandiser after 6 years and go back to school to study Business Administration. In those two weeks my sweet husband encouraged me, gave me pep talks, and supported me as I enrolled, sorted out what I think I want to do in the long term, and planned how we could finance such a large (and almost impulsive!) step. 

I also decided to start this blog, started to work on some of my personal weaknesses, and start living the life I want to live. Life is too short to wait, right? This 'growth spurt' is reminding me that every day I can learn something new, change something, challenge myself, and work hard towards what makes me happy.

I am beginning to think that part of happiness itself is the journey ♥

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