Friday, June 7, 2013


I was pretty pleased with the way todays ensemble turned out, the textures of the (p)leather, denim, and stripe cotton skirt just felt so right for mild spring weather. Casual and cool for a Friday of work and play. And I dig the Mister in lavender ;)

I wish I could report that this week was as productive as I had wished for it to be, but alas, I spent most of my free time stuck in my own head. I have the daunting task of really committing myself to a new career path as I gear up to go back to school in the fall. The fear that I am choosing the 'wrong' career again (it really feels like this last one has just ... died. A tragic loss in my eyes) and that I will waste money on a degree that won't take me where I want to go. I don't even really know where it is I want to go, but golly, I want to figure it out and soon! N really helped me feel more focused after a long talk tonight but its still weighing heavy on my mind.

At least its Friday- the weekend gives me more time to reflect, listen to myself, and recharge. Nate and I have some fun things we are going to do and some new goals to put into action. Tomorrow is our favorite Street Fair and I made a cucumber dill salad I am excited to nosh on. I have a feeling this weekend will be all about appreciating the little things and keeping myself focused. ♥ TGIF!

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