Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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I think the whole world knows that this grain is a crazy super food and if you don't eat it then you've only made it half way to healthy ;) I had a bag of it in my pantry for a good month or so before I manned up to find a recipe and actually make something of it. I actually did some research before cooking the quinoa, I figured it wouldn't be as simple (I was correct) so here are some of the facts and helpful hints I found ... 1. Cook Quinoa in broth instead of water (I used vegetable, but any will do!) 2. Rinse the quinoa before cooking, there is a bitter coating found naturally on the outside of the grain that in nature deters bugs, but in cooking, kind of kills the taste. 3. Saute quinoa before adding liquid to give it more flavor. 4. The Whole Foods blog is a great resource for the history so you can understand this super food better. 

I made my own version of a Quinoa Salad Sunday night, it had beets and curry (roasted beets for the first time! Its the small triumphs in the kitchen, you know) and it made enough for lunches all week and was about 6 on the 1-10 delicious scale. Above are a few more recipes I have saved from my favorite foodie site Tastespotting, and I am excited to keep trying new ways to make this dish ♥

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