Saturday, July 27, 2013

I might be crazy. This may be where Nate has to intervene and ask if I am sick, crazy, or hit my head at work. Because what I am about to set out on is a challenge that seems extremely daunting, way out of my league, and yea- pretty exciting too!

We have one life on this planet- one shot to do it right. And this has been on my mind a lot lately. Am I fully living and living the best that I can? The answer is no- there is room for improvement, I am ready for growth and I figure go big or go home right? Right.

So I developed this plan over the past few days to take one year, starting August 1, to focus on these three areas of my (and Nates, by default) life.

1. Consumerism: I work in fast fashion. I have always been a 'healthy' consumer. Fashion trends, makeup, hair products, home goods- you name it, I bought it. I worried that I needed new clothes for outfit posts, that I had to try beauty products the magazines raved about, upgrade our furniture and accessories with the seasons all to keep up with an imaginary competitor I made up in my mind. And I am so burnt out on buying. So for one entire year I will be abstaining from purchasing clothing, excessive beauty products, and home goods. This is serious.

2. Food: I have been vegetarian for awhile now but I feel more and more compelled to go Vegan. I want to eat completely kind and to know that I am not consuming or using products that harm another living being in any way is extremely important to me. As for my carnivorous husband- we will be purchasing as much as we can from companies that work to treat their animals kindly and hopefully find vegetarian substitutes he enjoys along the way! So for the next year I will be eating 100% vegan.

3. Waste: Even for being 2 people we create a lot of waste. We are artistic and crafty and have a lot of scraps, cooking for two can cause excess if not planned properly, we get junk mail, and we tend to hoard things and then do major trash hauls out of frustration. I want to look at our home and see where we can scale back to stop excess from square one, and how we can use items in new ways. Find items collecting dust to donate and work harder at using all the produce we purchase and create as little food waste as possible. So for one year we will be scaling back on waste, by finding new uses for what we have and by scaling back on what we bring into our home.

Over the next few weeks I will be breaking each of these categories down into step by step plans of how I plan to achieve living simpler and consuming less. What I hope to get from this year is a better appreciation of what we already have, to stop focusing my energy on desires and to really channel my time and focus into experiences. I want us to lessen our carbon footprint and to do all we can to ensure we are living as the best people we can be for ourselves and for our community! I am so excited for this!! ♥

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