Tuesday, July 9, 2013


This is me in the calm before the storm. The calm that comes before packing up Stella Bean to take her to my BFFs house, before the grocery run, the gas station run, the last minute suitcase check list, and the way last minute tidying of the apartment (note the messy couch)! Tomorrow we set out for a 14 hour drive to the SW and I am p.u.m.p.e.d!  Nate promised a kick butt 80's playlist that I am dying to jam to, we planned a pit stop in St. Louis, and at the end of it all I get to see my sister. I have waited all summer for this week and I am going to enjoy every moment!

I had planned on prepping posts for the rest of the week but I am not sure where the time went- so this is it until next Monday unless you follow me on Instagram- in which case you will probably have a whole feed of my travels (apologies in advance). Now I am off to finish my to-do list! ♥

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