Monday, September 2, 2013


 she wore: Francescas Dress // Forever 21 baubles
he wore: Target woven // chucks

These were taken yesterday while basking in the late summer glory- I love this dress to pieces, it is so Zooey Deschanel, is it not?

I realized today that I should have really soaked up the calm this weekend because it is looking like September is going to be busy. I'm not complaining - I know we all are, but have you ever just looked at your iCal and thought 'holy crap when did this fill up?!' This is also my first month actually using my iCal (um yea, I have been a mac user since '07- embarrassing) so I may just be overwhelmed by having all my to-do's, appointments, and events all in one place. 

Just another Manic Monday!

Tonight I, Janae the experimental vegan, am going to roast the Mister a chicken breast. He better realize how much I really love him by this act of kindness. I will also be infusing olive oil to dip toasted bread in (cue pretentious inflection in that statement) and I am pretty pumped. Who knew food could be so fun? Happy Monday! ♥

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