Tuesday, October 1, 2013


OK- so not really an edible item for this Tasty Tuesday, but it sure will make your meals look top-notch if you have some of these pretties on your table!
I am not crazy amazing at sewing and I didn't want to over think this project because 1.  I wanted to use what scrap fabric I had lying around, and 2. I did not want to drag it out more than I had to (not unheard of when I put myself behind the sewing machine).

Since I used what fabric I had they do come in various sizes, but I like to think that just adds some kitsch to my table haha So here is what I did!

You need:
Fabric for however many napkins you want (I measured mine out into 15 in squares and 18 in squares) I also chose two color schemes, black and white and a fall inspired palette.
Sewing supplies, whether machine or needle and thread
Embroidery floss
A couple of hours to spare

This is so easy you barely need me to tell you how to do it but here goes ... pre wash and iron your fabric squares and fold in half right side in. Sew the perimeter but leave a 2 inch corner undone. Use this corner to turn your napkin right side out. Now bust out that embroidery floss and add a colorful top stitch- also using this as your opportunity to sew shut your 2 inch corner from earlier. I did a variation on one napkin pictured above and tried a different decorative stitch and thought it turned out pretty cute- so play around and have fun with it!

Seriously, that is it. Sew Simple!
I had every intention of making this a legit foodie post but the past week and a half have felt like I am in a weird discombobulated limbo. I have been on a super creative kick and it has sent me into a disorganized tailspin so this week I am trying to wrangle myself and my thoughts in!

Happy October! ♥

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