Sunday, January 26, 2014


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Oh January- it's been an interesting one. We haven't had this much snow in a long time, and I certainly have not had to drive in so much snow. And I am terrified of driving in said snow. This past weekend I attempted to make it to work- an hour in and I was only half way there. Granted, it was blizzard like conditions and I was going 25 mph, but I ended up turning around and heading back home. Sick to my stomach and sore from tense muscles I ended up back home safe and sound 2 hours after I had originally set out. It was ... intense. But I considered it good practice!

And it got me thinking- I used to simply say 'no way!' to snow driving. I would get rides if I had to. At what point did I realize that I had to start manning up, being a little more fearless and doing what I needed to do out of sheer responsibility? Nate and I have been talking a lot about 'coming into adulthood' over the past few weeks, which is the epitome of responsibility in my eyes. We even made an 'Our Grown-Up List' of things that until now (our 27th year of life, mind you) we had shirked.

I don't know when people start feeling like adults. When they get married? I sort of did- but apparently not so much. Parenthood? Nate and I are content with our family dynamic so we won't experience that. First big job? I don't even know what that would be. I came to the conclusion it is something you simply have to decide. I spent years being intimidated by 'adult things' but I want to be more put together by the time I am 30! So I decided this would be the year.

We'll get our acts together.

We'll get our life insurance figured out, open retirement funds, get passports, make a budget and stick to it, and file important documents, etc.  All relatively simple things that we've overlooked because there is always tomorrow. And I know myself. I know I'll say this is the year! and then come next December I'll be scrambling to get it done or forgetting it all together. So I split deadlines between the end of March and the end of August depending on how much time and money are involved in them. Done and Done.

I have let my fear of the unknown get the best of me. I know little to nothing about retirement plans and life insurance so I let it intimidate me and seem unreachable at my young age. I used the age card and in turn made myself feel young and naive. I want to say 'I know what I am doing, I am a responsible adult who knows my rates and benefits'! Manning up and being more fearless in all areas of our life is important. From making adult decisions, connecting to someone new, asking for help- it all matters. Sometimes it takes a harrowing drive in the snow to realize that we become more fearless everyday in small ways. And it is those small steps that make the larger steps easier ♥

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