Monday, June 3, 2013


she wore: old navy vintage tee, forever 21 vest, american eagle denim (similar)  // he wore: target tee, levi denim, chucks

The past few days have been stormy and moody so any moment between the rain we bolt outside to run errands, walk the pup, and soak in some Vitamin D. These were taken right before one of those storms blew in, thus the fun 'wind-in-the-hair-devil-may-care' effect. Pretty model-esque if you ask me.  And Nate simply could not have chosen a better shirt, it was like his subconscious chose his outfit for the day ;)

Side note about this seemingly un-special t-shirt ... its actually quite special. It is probably the best t-shirt I have ever owned. Soft, longer fit, the perfect V. This may seem overly passionate for a tee but come on! When you find an amazing basic you have to like, own it in every color and shout its glory from the roof tops. (And no, this is not sponsored) So, if you are in the market for some comfy casual pieces, I recommend these. 'Nuff said. ♥

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