Sunday, June 2, 2013


Today is good. This past week I felt really burnt out and not very motivated, but I have so many projects, ideas, and tasks I want to set into motion! So this weekend has been about hitting that refresh button and recharging.

1. We are kitten sitting, she is pretty much a little demon, but a cute one ;)

2. I have a stack of pretty frames just waiting to be filled with art work and mementos to create a gallery wall in our hallway. I have a few pages in my sketchbook filled with ideas, and more in my head waiting to hit paper!

3. My stack of recent reads and future reads and the best journal ever. (Blog, Inc) (My Dysfunction Journal) (Happier at Home)

4. We booked our hotel today for our trip to Fort Sill, OK in July- we will be spending 4 days celebrating and spending time with my little sister as she graduates from Basic Training, exciting!

5. I am working hard to plan a perfect Birthday Weekend for N later this month. He'll be officially entering his late 20's so I want it to be super special ♥

6. We are getting a dishwasher, and hopefully this week! Let me rephrase, we are getting a new dishwasher, but since we moved into this apartment 2 1/2 years ago the old one has never worked. So you can only imagine the joy that burst out of my chest when I saw the note left on my counter that a new one had been ordered for us. I think this might be life changing! Not exaggerating. Not one bit.

7. N and I made lots of goals this weekend. Some small, some really big. Some intimidating but none-the-less, goals are so good to make, especially with a partner! I made a few personal resolves, one was to kick myself into gear and make regular appearances here- I made a whole list of ideas and inspiration! I am pretty excited for the summer season here on the blog.

This week I am so hoping to keep the motivation, we stocked up on lots of produce for the week and have some new recipes to try (I have a Cauliflower Dill Salad chilling the fridge as we speak) and scheduled out my time as well as possible. Its all about time management, right?

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