Monday, June 24, 2013


 she wore: dress Forever21 // Necklace Anthropologie (I love this too) // shoes Olsenboye

Weekend before last we were invited to the wedding of a childhood friend of Nates. It was held downtown which we rarely venture to but when we do, we always find a fun space to photograph. And I think I must have a thing for pink doors

This dress feels very Kate Spade to me and the quality is really quite good for being a Forever 21 find- its a heavy cotton and kept its shape really well. I love the bold coral stripe for summer, and keeping it accessorized with fun baubles kept it from being too prim for my taste. The nude heels were a surprise find at JCPenny of all places, but I was in desperate search of a nude strappy heel for summer in a short time frame so ordering these babes from Zara just wasn't in the cards. These are a pretty good sub though!

This is the last night of our 4 day weekend and let me tell you- bittersweet. We celebrated our wedding anniversary, Nate and Stellas birthdays, hung out poolside, cooked delicious meals, took a lot of walks, had fun making whiskey sours at home for the first time (loved!), and basked in some much needed R&R. We won't be taking time off of work again until mid July for a quick trip to Oklahoma so I am beyond grateful for this slow paced weekend. I hope everyone else had just as glorious of a weekend, and a happy Monday ♥

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