Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 Outfit: Old Navy Vintage Tee (Favorite!) // Forever 21 Skirt, Shoes // Target Bag

This is the outfit I chose to wear to the 11:00am screening of Man of Steel this past Saturday ... admittedly over dressed. And for a mediocre, moderately interesting movie at that. But I have standards, and it was Nate's birthday weekend so I had to dress to impress all weekend long! 3 of my current favorites worked their way into this outfit, my bag from Target was a $12 steal! Old Navy Vintage Tees are my favorite go-to for weekend dressing and these color block heels are super comfortable- stacked heels were an ingenious design.

Today was a really frustrating day- its storming out, I've hurdled a lot of trivial obstacles, and I am completely worn out by it all. These kinds of days are the worst. Really just best spent on the couch watching Pretty Little Liars (anyone else obsessed?!) I think N and I are going to do a round of 30 Day Shred since running isn't in the cards and eat a nice comfort food themed dinner (craving a baked potato, Weird?)  I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow to blue skies and a renewed cheerfulness! ♥

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