Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Top and Skirt Forever21

Lately I have been on a documentary binge (thank you Netflix)- I go through phases where I just want to learn things, be a sponge and absorb new information about anything and everything. Topics that always intrigue me are food and simple living, in a lot of ways these go hand in hand. I think these topics are a trend in our culture right now (hopefully they become more permanent) but I worry there is a lot more buzz than action.

I just finished watching No Impact Man and now I feel really inspired by the dedication to live without negatively impacting the earth for a year. Realistically, I don't think I will be shutting off my electricity any time soon but I do keep formulating in my mind what can Nate and I do in our own way to lessen our carbon footprint? We are wasteful in a lot of ways and I keep finding myself wondering how can we change?

These thoughts obviously have nothing to do with this outfit haha but its a thought that keeps swirling around in my brain. I think I will delve a little deeper into this topic at a later time, as I start to really formulate action plans for us- but the importance of this issue, and the weight of responsibility I feel for being accountable for our actions has really been on my heart lately and I hope this is something that in the coming months Nate and I can make some positive changes! ♥

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