Monday, July 1, 2013


 She wore: Forever 21 top and boyfriend denim   He wore: We Love Fine tee // Levi denim  Phone cases: Bloomingdales

We took these photos on Nate's birthday so that makes these pictures a week old (what?!) I simply cannot believe it is July already! I love how graphic these turned out though, I like a strong white background with pops of color- and it seemed so fitting for our new phone cases. Anyone else think that Pantone is one of the coolest companys out there? I am also geeking out over these mugs- so cute!

I am still feeling really grateful for that weekend- full of celebratory activities and festivities. This week and next are shaping up to be fast paced and exciting but probably not too relaxing. We have an upcoming trip and the preparations that go into it, I have some really exciting top secret (at least for now) endeavors, we have a baseball game, family get-together, and a lovely Independence Day celebration at home on Thursday. Oh, and like 20 loads of laundry in-between ;) I like that the rush of life tends to come in bursts- it helps you appreciate the slow days and the fast days for what each bring. I am just feeling so grateful that we will be with each other and with family and going on a new adventure together!

Happy Monday and yay for summer! ♥

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