Thursday, July 4, 2013


These were taken sometime last week as a storm was rolling in- imagine the heavy air and the quiet rolls of thunder, and a lot of wind and that is what it felt like when we took these. The earth always feels so alive right before a storm, I love that kind of energy in the air!

Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans- I hope it was a festive one! Ours was low key as it was raining My highlight was getting a phone call from my little sister- she graduates from basic training in one week and I am so incredibly excited to see her! Holidays like the Fourth and Memorial day have taken on such a different meaning since having a soldier in my life- my grandfathers were both in the military but I never saw that part of their lives so it always felt so removed. Now I understand that sense of pride a lot more and it actually makes a day like to today more exciting- I love celebrating the ones I love and what they do! So enjoy your fireworks, potato salad, friends, and family- I hope its a good one ♥

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