Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Last week I finally got around to watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and it left a huge impression on me. I was intrigued, curious, and dying to try it out! But juicers are expensive, and what about the cost of organic vegetables? Well to hell with it! We found a juicer at a crazy amazing price- we chose the Omega BMJ390 for its large pulp bucket, ability to juice leafy greens (not all of them do!) and size (apartment dwelling does not offer copious amounts of counter space). And the produce is relatively cheaper when you can buy it in bulk (like a bag of 20 apples, bunches of greens and carrots) And really, who can put a price on health? Exactly ;)
So far we have tried Joe's Mean Green blend and it was tasty! I have never been much of a juice drinker but this tastes distinctly different from store bought and in my opinion, even better. I have been using this blend to replace a meal a day and I do find it satisfying, I am hoping that I can try a full cleanse here as soon as work calms down a bit (I hear the first few days are rough). I am also really excited to try new recipes and I will definitely be sharing any favorites! ♥

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