Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Her: Old Navy Vintage Tee // Forever 21 Camo denim
Him: Target Tee

Well this is the last day before I start my One Year Challenge- I may or may not have treated myself to a few last purchases and I may or may not have savored every second of the transaction ;)  And I may have requested the mister bring a pint of ice cream home to share ... a girl needs a last hurrah sometimes!

I haven't participated much in the camo trend but these pants were perfectly destroyed and a super soft denim. And I will wear just about anything these days that go with my favorite tee. I have dabbled in just about every style out there and I am finding that my middle ground is leaning towards a great fashion piece paired with a basic. Nothing that feels stuffy stays with me for long, and 'comfy cool' has been a phrase that comes to mind with my everyday dressing. At first I thought I was just getting lazy in the mornings but then you look at all the fabulous dressers on Look Book and other street style stories and it seems completely justifiable as a legit process to getting dressed. And I am down with that ♥

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