Friday, August 9, 2013


So its Day 9 of my 365 challenge to consume less, eat vegan, and watch my carbon footprint. So far I made one slip on the consume less department- that darn rug at Target was the perfect color that I had been looking for, its been months of searching and it just had to show up in my life now. Not justifying, just saying. Veganism is a piece of cake ... so far. Eating at home has been key (but hey, helping that carbon footprint goal!) Grocery shopping is probably the hardest at this point as I am learning the products and brands that are best. This book has been a lot of help! As for the carbon footprint- I am still looking into composting, it won't be as easy as I thought it would be being on the second floor or an apartment building but I determined to find a way to manage. And assessing our food storage options, products we buy, and recycling options have all been things I have been researching and brainstorming. It is really important to me to develop systems and guidelines that work with our life, not flip it upside down! I just worry we won't be able to stick to things that work against us in too many ways- and I believe we can totally accomplish this. So cheers to 9 days- only 354 to go! ♥
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