Monday, August 26, 2013


 she wore: H&M dress // Forever 21 heels
he wore: Target Button Down // 21 Mens slacks

I bought this dress back in March thinking it would be my Easter dress- it in fact had a lining that was two sizes smaller than the actual dress (?!) and it took me until this past weekend to finally cut the lining out and enjoy satin-y goodness. This dress also has pockets and only cost me 10 clams so really, its pretty amazing ;)

We snapped these Saturday evening on our way to a wedding reception- I love dressing up with the Mister. This was also my first event to debut my new hair!! It is so short! I am still trying to love it entirely, I think once I remember how to style short hair it will be less stressful (First world problems, I know).

How was your weekend? Mine was too short but I am pumped because I have next Saturday and Sunday off for the first time in awhile and its Labor Day weekend so cooking out with my family is on the agenda! This will also give me an excuse to introduce grass-fed, humanely treated, organic beef to my whole family and try a few new vegan sides that will be super cook-out friendly. And don't fret my pets, I will definitely be sharing!

Happy Monday! ♥

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