Friday, August 16, 2013


 Old Navy Vintage Tee // H&M Skirt // Forever 21 sandals

Sometimes life just likes to hand you a kick-in-the-pants kind of week. It started off swell enough Monday morning when I hit every green light on a road I usually sit forever on- and I distinctly remember that I thought it was a sign for a  great day. But as it sometimes goes, Monday was not great.  And Tuesday and Wednesday weren't spectacular. By today I was feeling ready for Friday and a little remorseful that this is how I let myself feel.

Being positive in a trying time- no matter how trivial it all is in the end can be hard. When it gets to the point where I am letting worries, fears, and frustrations infiltrate every part of my mind I like to step back and really focus my energy on doing something I love. A lot of times it is simply cooking dinner with Nate, or our evening walks. Watching a funny show, catching up on blogs, or reading a book also help turn my thoughts to more productive things. In hindsight I should have focused on these things more this week- and I am determined that no matter what happens in the coming days, focusing on the small things in life that make me happy will be a priority. The idea of spending another week feeling this way just seems like such a bummer! So tonight its all about family time, tomorrow is all about catching up and relaxing with a good book and hopefully some sunshine. And hopefully come Sunday I will be feeling ready to face anything ♥

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