Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm not sure where August went?! I am also not sure where this entire summer went but you know what? No tears shed here. This morning Nate took me to get a Pumpkin Spice Soy Frap at Starbucks and then we headed to an amazing park here in Dayton- it was early enough that there was a chill in the breeze and with my PSL in hand, for a moment it felt like fall. I am so ready.
This park is usually pretty busy but we were there early enough to enjoy parts of it all by ourselves. It felt good to enjoy what is left of summer- you can already see gold popping up on the leaves. That is one thing I do love about Ohio- you can't miss the changing of the seasons

This weekend has been all about embracing change, celebrating, and spending much needed R&R with family. It was fun to cook out with my folks last night, get treated to a coffee today (first one since February, whaaat?!) and I deleted Facebook from my phone which seems weird to embrace but I feel oddly happy about it- sometimes it just feels good to lessen your media time.

How was your weekend? I am excited for this week- I have a great resource to share, exciting news, and a few outfits! ♥

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