Thursday, September 26, 2013


I love that 'green' accessories have evolved from hemp and birkenstocks to cute stylish ones that at a glance you might not suspect were eco-friendly! As I am shopping more consciously I also have to think about what I am shopping with- how many plastic produce bags do I throw away in a week? Ziploc baggies are not my friend and excessive usage of plastic in the kitchen and lunch bags goes against my newly affirmed beliefs. So whats a girl to do? Find a solution that fits my style of course!

I already shop with large shopper bags but some of these totes were too cute to pass up. Here are some of my favorite finds, starting at the top left ... the prints and bold colors of the Baggu bags are amazing- especially the Shelter print. I enjoy the clean look of the canvas totes and rope produce bags at Eco Bags - chic and easy to clean.  And don't even get me started on the prints on the snack and sandwich bags at Reuseit- and I really loved the Have a Nice Day tote.

I am thinking of adding some larger totes, grain and produce bags, and snack size bags to my collection. The hard part will be actually choosing which ones ;)

Happy Shopping! ♥

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