Friday, September 27, 2013


As I am sitting here, large box of kleenex and cough drops nearby, it seems a little torturous to myself to be thinking of fun destinations to travel to but maybe its a little therapeutic? I am hoping thinking about these destinations will then lead to them infiltrating my cold-medicine-induced-crazy-dreams and take me far far away ...

Today I am listin' my top 7 dream destinations, in no particular order because if you handed me a ticket to any of them I would hop right on that plane!

1. Paris ... duh.
2. Palm Springs where I would laze around a pool in a 'just for looks' swimsuit drinking cocktails.
3. Italy second most romantic city, perhaps?
4. Sweden I have a weird fascination with anything and everything Swedish.
5. Pacific North West (USA edition) I would love to road trip along this coast line.
6. Bali for the ultimate Eat Pray Love experience, obviously.
7. United Kingdom I am sucker for a good accent and green pastures.

What would you put on your wanderlust list? ♥

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