Monday, October 14, 2013


 Forever 21 Flannel, Ring, Heels // American Eagle Denim // American Apparel Clutch

I don't know what it is about these transitional seasons that seem to always create a divine discontent in my soul. Maybe I am more in-tune with Mother Nature than I thought, but Fall (and Spring) tend to mark when I set out to make the largest changes in my life. 

This feeling of needing change has led to this mini blog facelift- inspired by the plaid shirt in this here outfit sequence. I love jewel tones together with warm browns and my favorite jeans. Along with design, I have also been thinking a lot about the content of this here blog- trying to keep a blog changing as your life does has become more challenging than I thought? Just me? Maybe I just like smooth transitions and I am too nervous to radically change things up- but I feel I have been on the cusp of taking the plunge on a few things and now it's the time to just do it.

This feeling of change has also got me thinking about a lot of different parts of my life. I haven't been feeling well the last week or so- nothing specific, just a vague 'ick' and today I decided I have had enough- tomorrow starts a ban on processed foods for a few days as a start. I am hoping to realign myself and get some energy back!

I also feel like I need to start shaking up what is left of my fitness routine. A few weeks ago I was all set to share what my weekly activity looks like and then it all somehow magically flew out the window and I have been scrapping by with the bare minimum of a few runs a week- not cutting it! There are new Pilates and Yoga DVDs collecting dust by the tv, I think it is time to bust them out.  

I also feel like trying something new ... meditation has been on my list for a long long time. I have made mediocre attempts, but I tend to get caught up on silly things like mantras (I have a strange fascination with mantras and affirmations) I think I might poke around the interwebs and try to find a good 'beginners guide' to meditation.  Suggestions welcome. 

I think what I am looking for as a whole is more peace this season. Peace of mind, peace of body, peace of heart.  When I think back on this time last year I was in a job I hated, I very easily could have been depressed, I had no motivation, it was a really dark time in my life and it lasted all through the holidays and it feels like I lost a part of my life in that dark abyss of my emotional turmoil (ahh I love to be dramatic sometimes) I am starting to think that my inner self guiding me to find peace is a subconscious product of wanting to never feel like I did a year ago. And so I feel this need to change, evolve, better myself, and propel myself forward. Seasons change and so do we- its all pretty beautiful! ♥

And you thought this was just an outfit post ;) 

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