Thursday, October 17, 2013


 H&M Scarf and Dress // Target Cardigan and Flats // Forever 21 Jacket and Tights

Layers Layers Layers! It has finally been cool enough to wear multiple layers and bust out the scarves. I was a bit iffy on the cat scarf for work but hey, you only live once, right?

My brain has been all fashion this week. I feel like I go through cycles on what consumes my thoughts the most and I am not convinced there this a rhyme or reason to this. I have been on Pinterest, Look Book, Chictopia, and Stockholm Street Style a lot this week soaking up inspiration and looking to streamline my own closet. It's probably a very selfish, first worldly thing to worry about ones closet so much but sometimes I just can't help it!

For years I have wanted to define my style better and find a clear direction. But alas, I worked in retail for 8 years and that tends to give you split style personalities- one day your purchasing lace dresses and floral bib necklaces and the next your picking up distressed denim shorts and a green anorak a la Freaks and Geeks. It can get very confusing and frustrating when everything in your closet doesn't gel!

So now I have the bug to clean house, purge all those random one-off items I purchased in the moment or with a strange-now-forgotten purpose. I also would love to see my 2 1/2 closets go down to 2, I think that is an obtainable goal, right? I hope so!

I love that fall inspires me so much, a nice clean slate! ♥

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