Monday, October 21, 2013

Sometimes it just feels right to hit the 'restart' button. It is crazy to me that we are already more than halfway through October- I am not sure where this year has gone! Let alone that my 27th birthday is looming in the near future and birthdays always make me assess my current life stats, reflect on the past year, and make plans/goals for the coming year.

It only feels natural to keep this blog evolving as I do, especially since I feel like this year has been nothing bit a giant growing pain blessing. Times of growth are bittersweet, they can be a struggle but the pay off is hopefully way sweeter than you could have imagined.

Fair + Square started simply as a lifestyle blog for me, a place to document my interests and whatever I found charming or useful at the time but I am starting to see a clear direction on what drives me to keep coming back as an author and curator of this space. My interest in caring for the mind, body, and soul is growing every day and these are all things I want to try harder to share. I still love fashion and design and it won't be going anywhere, but I want to share more about what lessons I am learning in life on top of all the pretty things I love!

I am also taking this mini 'start-over' as a motivator to try some new things and organize my thoughts differently. Here are some things you can expect to start seeing ...

>> Mind: Learning, challenging myself, projects

>> Body: Eating well, recipes, nutritional information, style, exercise

>> Soul: Spirituality, learning the art of meditation, affirmations, positive thinking

I am really excited to dive into some of my newest project ideas, books on my to-read list, and activities to try- I hope you can find some inspiration here and share your experiences, too!

Fresh starts are the best ♥

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