Monday, November 11, 2013


My poor husband- such a patient photographer. Sometimes it just takes a lot to get a decent photo ;)

Currently I am ...

Joyous! ... my baby sister (who is 19, btw, not an actual baby) is home safe and sound from Military training and I am happy happy happy! We have a date at the nail salon and lunch planned for later this week- its good to have her near again. 

Reading ... Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers by Thich Nhat Hanh. I mentioned this last week in a post and I am still working my way through it. Having been raised in the Church of God community but lately feeling moved by Buddhism, this book as been really good for helping me build bridges within my beliefs. I highly recommend. 

Practicing ... Positive thinking and Yoga. N and I have been doing Positive Thinking for a week now and I am seeing results! Its not easy but I can tell that it is going to be very rewarding. I also started getting back into yoga again- its been an off and on again love affair but I am feeling committed again to practicing everyday. I want to learn some of those harder poses I always thought were out of reach! (Hello Side Crow Pose)

Planning ... my annual list of goals. Every year on my birthday I unveil  a glorious list of things I want to accomplish in the coming year. This past year I managed to complete maybe half of my goal list- I found halfway through the year that a lot of my goals no longer interested me! So this year I am working on a fail proof list that won't cause boredom!

Watching ... Once Upon a Time. Nate and I are watching seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix now and I luuurve them! Its hard to not just binge watch them.  

Stressing ... about Thanksgiving! Remember how I said I volunteered to host my families Thanksgiving dinner at our place? Yea well, that's like in two weeks people, and I can't even get together what side dishes I want to make. Plus I need more place settings, glasses, decorations ... the list goes on. I am thinking a glass of wine will be necessary after this feast!  

Wishing ... I had a piece of gum.  

Working on ... getting our endless amount of photos in order. My iPhoto was bursting with THOUSANDS of unprinted/ half forgotten photos and I have gone through every last one of them. I divided them between 2 files, one to simply back up and one to print. I have gathered materials to start placing them in albums, purchased boxes for those photos that are printed but don't really need to be in an album and then I looked through my stacks of photo albums I already had and realized I just have too many photos. It actually gave me a minor panic attack the other day. They just keep multiplying! 

Waiting on ... some really awesome leggings to come in the mail. They are so awesome I can't even explain them to you, you will just have to wait for the photos. It will be worth the wait. 

Feeling ... uninspired. It might be the cold, it might be that its dark at 5 pm, whatever it is, my burst of inspiration has turned into me wanting to wrap myself in multiple blankets on the couch with hot tea and begin full hibernation mode! Maybe its time to invest in a snuggie so I can glitter the crap out of my apartment for the holidays and still keep warm?!

Observing ... the cutest mother/daughter date happening at the table next to me. I find these interactions really hard not to watch. 
Thankful ... for all the Veterans who have served our country. I know everyone says it on days like today but I know I was super happy when my sister came home from training this weekend, I can't even imagine what it would feel like to see a loved one who had been on active duty! That kind of sacrifice isn't something I was wired with, so I am glad that someone is!

Just a few things I am currently feeling/thinking/wanting this Monday ♥

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