Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Who knew that such small little pieces of nature could be so full of nutrients?? And they are like the easiest thing to add to any recipe, as their flavors are typically subtle. Here is  a quick breakdown of my favorite 4 seeds to keep on hand in the pantry ...

1. Chia seeds are amazing because they carry Omega 3's and lots of fiber for their minute size. Chia seeds have been credited with boosting energy, stabilizing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, and aiding in digestion (aka helps cleanse the colon, great for helping in prevention of colon diseases!) These little guys are packed with calcium, manganese and phosphorus (helllllooo bone health) You can thank the Aztecs for being the first to harvest these healthy seeds. I like to add mine to salads and oatmeal!

2. Sesame seeds have been used since ... well, forever! Egyptians utilized these seeds as one of their harvests. Considered a huge benefactor to cancer prevention these seeds are loaded with manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. I started layering this seed in more since practicing a vegan diet because the amount of calcium in a tablespoon of sesame seeds out ranks that in a cup of milk- win! Sesame seeds are great on salads, in stir frys, and toasted to be sprinkled over veggies!

3. Sunflower seeds aren't just a great snack for road trips and baseball games. These seeds help in controlling cell damage which is essential to preventing cancers. A source of Anti-oxidents, Vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, and copper. Add them to salads, stir frys or straight from the bag.

4. Poppy seeds are most commonly found on baked goods and breads but these seeds are easily hidden in recipes to add nutrients. A single tsp provides measurable amounts of calcium, iron, and zinc. Throw some in your blender with smoothies, add to oatmeal, stir frys, or any dish really!

Once you keep these on hand you will realize just how easy it is to add them to your usual dishes, and you'll start to see the amazing benefits that they will provide for your body and health! ♥

sources: healthyeating.sfgate.com // care2.com

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