Thursday, November 7, 2013


 she wore: Forever 21 sweater, jacket, and boots // Target Hat // American Eagle denim
he wore: 21 Men jacket // William Rast denim // DIY scarf

I wouldn't really consider Nate and I to be nature people.  Last fall we got lost hiking and swear we were stuck in a vortex (long story), the day we were engaged we went for a hike- it lasted 3 hours in 90 degree weather (two of those hours spend wandering on trails in the blazing sun), and one time we thought we were taking the correct trail at a park and landed in some residential neighborhood?! So, not the most directionally keen.

But this past Sunday we decided to set all past experiences out of our minds and try a new trail- a trail that promised us beautiful sites and the opportunity to enjoy 550 year old trees ... it was amazing. I am so glad we went, and the trees were amazing- I am not sure I have ever been in the natural setting of something so old. It almost felt magical. And to stand there and imagine all of the people over the last 550 years- from Native Americans, Settlers, City developers- who had the smarts to not chop these beautiful trees down, that could understand how special they were, it was like we were all standing there in the same reverence transcending time. I know that sounds dramatic but really, you stand next to some trees that old and tell you don't feel something incredible!
 This last photo is purely for your enjoyment- this is what I look like in Nature. Simply Dumbstruck haha

I oh so hope that you have taken a moment to soak in some nature this fall- it is magical and it is one of the best gifts of life. And its free- so that is pretty amazing. ♥  

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