Monday, November 18, 2013


 H&M dress // Forever 21 Sweater, boots, and hat // American Apparel bag

 Twenty-Seven. 27. Two decades and 7 years.

How can that be??

As I am sitting here writing this I am officially entering my late 20's. My totally zen-take-control-feel-at-peace post of last week is not quite how I am feeling today but I am trying- oh how I am trying!- to accept this with grace ;)

These photos were taken yesterday between storms that rolled through. Since I work long days on Mondays Nate and I celebrated my last day of being 26 by running around a little and lazing around the house a lot. Christmas crafting, movie watching, cake baking, chili cooking, pug snuggling were our main events. Oh, and hanging in the hallway for awhile as the tornado sirens were going off! It added an element of excitement for sure.

Tonight I have been promised breakfast for dinner and my favorite wine (ummm yes, wine with 'Brinner' is completely acceptable on ones birthday) and some yummy vegan cake. Super healthy. No judging, thank you.

So happy Monday all- this week I will be sharing some fun celebratory DIYs, a vegan cake recipe, talk about goals and why I love 'em, and Christmas craft ideas! Its going  to be a great week ♥

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