Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Since diving into yoga three months ago I have learned a lot. I had no idea setting out that there were so many things to help beginners learn and adapt poses and I slowly started accumulating some tools  that I would see used on other blogs and Instagram (an amazing yoga community is on IG, I highly recommend searching through)

No, I am not sponsored by Gaiam (I wish!) but I do really love their products and their mission. These are a few of the products I have purchased and use in my practice daily:

Yoga Mat: An obvious essential- I have this two toned purple one and love it, easy to clean and fairly light weight.

Grip Socks and Gloves: These have been one of my best investments, no sliding feet in downward dog and solid grip for crow!

Strap: If you can't quite reach your toes in pigeon or dancer pose this strap helps you deepen your stretch. Also, once you move on to handstands/headstands these straps can be used for stability.

Blocks: Used for various exercises and supports. I like gripping one between my ankles and doing Boat pose repetitions- best lower ab work out ever.

So for any other beginners out there- explore and read up on what might work into your routine! I can't wait for the day when I can do a lot of poses on my own without assistance but until then I can appreciate these for what they help me do ♥

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