Monday, January 20, 2014


 I love layering sparkles under flannels and knits. Add a pop of leather detailing and you done!

These photos were taken on a day that was waaayy too cold to be standing outside. Let alone at a park. Half of them were blurry because I couldn't stop moving and the other half were me over-reacting to the cold. And then there was one decent one somewhere in the middle of it all ;) So for your enjoyment I share these ... you are welcome.

Today is one of those days where if I were to take myself too seriously it could be detrimental to my psyche. A busy day at work, pull-your-hair-out traffic, errands, getting reports on my grandma who has been in the hospital all weekend, and a salad to-go that had tomato put on it (the taste just lingers on everything ... boo) has left me all a little frazzled. I need some zen and I need it now.

Our weekend was amazing which probably adds to my feeling of being in a frenzied panic today. We were lazy but productive- plenty of down time but still making time to cook brunch and finish our visual boards (only 3 weeks late!) and I actually read while laying in bed ... in the afternoon. That is like, unheard of. Slowing down is a hard thing these days- even if we slow down the rest of the world is not. We don't want to miss out. But we get bored if we slow down for too long. Its a very strange balancing act. I know for a fact that I am going to try and have more Sunday afternoons like the one we just had. It was a moment of pure bliss in the midst of everything else.

How are you taking care of yourself this week?  I am getting excited about February and coming up with some fun Valentine posts (and no, you don't have to have a sig. other to enjoy them!). I am also having fun using my new Kindle to download more books (I said I would read more fiction ... I have not haha) and I plan on cooking some this week. All of these things I find refreshing and fun and I like looking forward to them.  Its nice to balance to-do lists with things I like to do and things I have to do. Slowing down and making time for both is extremely important!

So happy Monday, take a breath and do something you love today! ♥

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