Friday, January 3, 2014


In all honesty, I'm not that balanced of an eater. I try, golly do I try. But things come up, meals on the fly happen pretty frequently, and in general I am not that great at planning meals ahead. The idea of taking vitamin supplements in the health world is a touchy subject. Half say they are a great addition to your health routine and the other half say that you shouldn't need supplements because your food should be providing it.

Though I do agree with the group that relies on food for nutrients, its not always practical or sane of me to believe that my meals are providing my daily dose of goodness so after reading a lot I came up with these 6 vitamins to boost my health!

B6- Boosts the immune system, aids in nervous system functions, aids in red blood cell formation, and supports digestion. Some studies have even found it helps with pms symptoms so two thumbs up there!

B12- the 'energy' vitamin, B12 plays a large role in breaking down carbs into glucose which creates more energy and decreases fatigue/lethargy. Essential for digestion and helping breakdown bad cholesterol and supporting healthy blood pressure. Missing out on healthy skin and nails? B12 will help with that along with keeping your brain healthy by regulating the nervous system.

Chelated Magnesium- I was drawn to this vitamin for the promise of it helping subside headaches and muscle aches. Important for bone health, healthy bowel function, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Magnesium kind of does a little of everything!

Chelated Iron- we all know the importance of iron to blood health, the benefit of chelated iron is its bound to amino acids which makes the supplement more similar to how iron is found naturally.

Biotin- wanting to look like you stepped out of a Pantene commercial and wish your nails would stop breaking? Yea, me too! Thats what I added biotin to my regime. Biotin also helps metabolism functions

D- this vitamin is mostly associated with the sun so in the fall/winter months I like to add this vitamin. Helps with the absorption of calcium, and supports healthy muscles. defends against a slew of diseases and boosts energy levels.

So we will see how I feel in a few weeks, I even got Nate in on it. No matter what side of the vitamin argument you fall on I think that everyone should take into consideration their own bodies needs. I believe in the practice of trial and error, so finding what works for you and makes you feel good and healthy is key. So here is to good health! ♥

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