Monday, January 6, 2014


 Old Navy Sweater // Target Pants // Forever 21 Boots

I have been known to be somewhat fearless when it comes to fashion choices. I'll try anything once. Not like meat dresses or anything but I've been known to be rather chameleon like when it comes to style. Over the last few months my attitude toward dressing so trendy has been changing- in partial to leaving retail and in part to growing up some. I no longer want to try every trend and am quite content in finding a style that defines me. I'm learning I like simpler things but with a fun detail, maybe an interesting hem or a pleat, or perhaps a little leather trim. Gone are the days of flashy leggings, spikes, and over-the-top accessories (at least for the most part, never say never!) Here are some of the trends of 2013 I am not sorry to say goodbye too ... are you ready? ;)

Obnoxiously Large Flower Crowns- Nate is so happy I purged these bad boys. They were cute for a moment but in the end, not something I am comfortable sporting on a daily basis.
Jeffrey Campbell-ish Platform Shoes- I never owned a legit pair but I owned two similar ones, and looking back .... why?
Peter Pan Collars- I am not that saccharine of a dresser, I dabbled in the super sweet/vintage side for awhile and felt rather costume-y most days. I envy the girls who rock knee socks and collars, but its just not me.
Spikes- on the flip side of not being saccharine I am also not a bad @$$.
Crazy Leggings- I tried a lot of them! Floral, Galactic, metallic. The only ones I still have in my closet are liquid, black cotton, and a few fun ones for yoga. I just cant do the flashy leg wear and take myself seriously.
Conversation Print on everything- Re: Peter Pan Collar. Too sweet. I appreciate some, but minimally. I don't need ponies and kittens on e'rythang. My closet could have been mistaken for a mini zoo at one point.
Letterman Styles- I had two jackets and a sweater and they were worn maybe once or twice. I felt like I had jumped off the stage of Grease the Musical.
Skater Skirts- just bad.
Strange Typography- I had some shirts with some weird sayings on them, I don't know why. I liked something about them at the time but for now I'll stick with little to no typography and it actually needs to mean something.
Muscle Tanks- Some girls look amazing in a muscle tank. I, personally, do not. They had to go.

Are there any items you are happy to ditch from the past year? Trends come and go so quickly it can be hard to keep up and stay true to your style. I think I will always like to experiment but I am hoping to save my wallet the hardship of trying too many. For now I am having fun playing with more neutrals and textures, nothing fussy. What are you enjoying right now in your style? ♥

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