Monday, January 13, 2014


 Target Top and Skirt // H&M Hat // Forever 21 boots // Ralph Lauren Tile Shopper

Mondays are a funny thing for me. On one hand I want to cry and protest when the alarm goes off at 5:30 am and curl back under the covers and pretend that the weekend never ends ... and on the other hand I want to jump out of bed full of energy (preferably real energy but I also believe in faking it till you make it!) and welcome the new week with open arms because that is what starts a week on the right foot.

So I typically fall somewhere in the middle. I start off bummed for like the first two minutes of climbing out of my warm bed into the cold apartment and accosting my eyes to the bright light of the bathroom and then as I am washing my face and getting used to the idea that its another work day I can start to muster more positive thoughts of what I am looking forward to that day.

And just like that my positive thoughts snowball and they continue as the morning goes on.

Moral of the story? It is so so easy to be a Monday morning grouch. Once you start being grumpy its easy to keep going- and a lot of times you find other grouches to commiserate with. But it can also be easy to be a little Miss Sunshine and radiate the love and gratitude you actually have for waking up alive and healthy and happy for another day. Because you know those feelings are there, even if it takes a few cups of coffee to catch your bodies actions up to your minds thoughts ;)

Something I have been practicing that you might find handy too is before you fall asleep at night think a positive thought about the next day- think 'I will wake up full of energy ready to face the new day' or 'I am really looking forward to tomorrow because _______' and let that positive thought manifest while you sleep. I think you'll find that once you rise in the morning it will be one of the first thoughts to spring forward in your mind and start you off on a positive note! 

So that's my nugget of positive inspiration for you today! We are getting close to being halfway through January and this week I will be sharing some updates on resolutions and what I have been recently reading. I wore this outfit above on Christmas Eve (I may be a little behind on these). It was simple but just dressy enough. And my love of black turtlenecks was best described by Sydney- I couldn't top her description of what a black turtleneck does for a girl!

Well happy Monday all- I hope it is wonderful ♥

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