Friday, January 17, 2014


Over the last few months the traffic on this little blog has grown in ways I didn't expect- when I started here on Fair and Square I set out with no expectations or numbers in mind and took the mentality of 'what will be will be'. Never-the-less its been fun to see that number climb of visitors and I am grateful for anyone who just checks this space out or continues to come back! Its fun and encouraging, so thank you!

As humans we are ever evolving and I feel like I have been evolving at a very quick rate over the last year, so much so I can barely keep up! And if I can barely keep up with myself, how can I expect you to keep up too?! So here is a little State of Janae, get you up to speed on where I stand on a lot of the endeavors I have mentioned here in the past.

Mind: Kind of Mind and Soul combined- the mastery of positive thinking, meditation, and visualization has pretty much consumed me as of late. I never realized how negative I was being with myself and outwardly to the world. I am working on reversing years of complacent/negative thinking. Its been an exciting journey so far! I shared some of my most recent reads earlier this week and a few of those books are about this topic. I feel happier, lighter, more positive in general and can't tell enough people about how these books and practices are changing me daily into a better version of me!

Body: Back over the summer of '13 I set out on a Vegan food journey. It was ... rough. But also rewarding. I did it for about 6 months which was a trial period I had set for myself. I started pretty rigid and loosened up towards December. At this point in time I am decidedly vegetarian and pseudo-vegan. If I can order something without cheese or dairy I will, I avoid blatant animal bi-products but if my mom bakes cookies with egg in them I enjoy in moderation and call it a day. So you won't see recipes or meals here oozing with cheese, but I might indulge in a donut from time to time. Currently I am reading up on Raw diets and Macrobiotics so those might get sprinkled in here as well. I started Yoga in November and have worked on making it a mostly daily practice. I aim for 6 days a week and LOVE it like no other work out regime before. Making progress slowly but surely is super rewarding to me. I still love fashion, and style is important to me. I have slowed down to one outfit post a week and have a list of handmade, US made, and locally made brands to share with you all over the coming months as I try to be more of a conscious dresser!

Soul: Spirituality has been a touchy topic for me through most of my 20's and I am just now coming to grips with it in my own way. I don't go too in-depth with religion in this space but I am working on melding the faith I grew up with my interest in other religions. I read a lot on the topic and share books here from time to time. I think Spirituality is a very personal journey and is different for everyone. So if I post about my personal journey, its just that. Not preachy, not judgmental. Just sharing.

So that is it. My current status in a nutshell. I could blog everyday about my changing thoughts and feelings about topics- but that would be a lot of paragraphs of me trying to make sense of everything. Probably not that interesting of reading material. In the future I am going to try regular posts on revelations/changes as I create more concise thoughts!

So thank you again for stopping by and reading- happy Friday! ♥

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