Friday, February 7, 2014


In the spirit of all things love this month here is an affirmation exercise that can be done with a partner or a friend. Everyone benefits from more positive energy and loving affirmations that both nurture your own soul but that of your partners simultaneously. I came across this practice in Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization, and loved how simple but powerful this back and forth affirmative conversing works.

Begin by facing your partner and look into each others eyes.

Take turns going back and forth saying affirmative statements and then accepting them. There are several ways to state them, play around with the different phrasings.

Example: Janae: Nate, you are a creative, talented, skilled person.
                Nate: Yes, I am.

                Nate: I am a creative, talented, skilled person!
                Janae: yes, you are!

You may feel silly at first, kind of like you're in a poorly written play, but come from a sincere place in your heart and it will create an amazing bond. Believe what you are saying and let it manifest in you, both the words you are giving and receiving and you will feel a powerful energy for both you and your partner. As you practice this, add in throughout the day affirmative communication to your partner, send text messages, an email, and make sure to remind them everyday that they are amazing beings. ♥

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