Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A client of mine shared this easy and time saving method of jarring your salads ahead of time- its pretty genius! Put all of of your heavier veggies in first (I did cucumber, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower) and then add your greens (I did shredded leeks as well). When you are ready to nosh simply add dressing, shake, and pour onto a plate! I made 5 days ahead of time and am loving how easy it is to grab and go in the morning.

This past weekend I had an awakening at the grocery store. Odd, right? I know. It was a slow and steady awakening and I think I finally just gave in to really reflect on the change that has been happening within me.

Grocery shopping used to be a simple weekly chore that just had to be done. Make a list, make the time, and get it done. I never gave it much thought. I bought what was familiar and never paid much attention to others carts.

It all seemed so simple until I started my food journey a little over a year ago. Until I equipped myself with the knowledge of the food industry and started educating myself on what a healthy diet should really look like. And now grocery trips have become this strange emotional roller coaster that I wasn't prepared for. Experiencing a gamut of emotions from frustration, pride, sadness, anger, hope. Frustration that organic is hard to come by at my local big box grocer and expensive; Pride that my cart is typically full of leafy greens and bright produce by the time I hit checkout, and that I had budgeted to do so. Sometimes I experience sadness- as I look in others carts and see processed, sugary, chemically engineered foods and very little of the natural goodness I've come to look for. And I have to wonder if the owner of that cart doesn't know about healthy eating? Do they know they deserve healthy food? Do they not have the finances to provide their family with wholesome food? Knowledge is power- and I so desperately want them to know the joy of an organic apple!

And I get angry. Angry that natural food is not the norm for many. Angry that I too, fall victim of choosing a product because it is easier or cheaper. I know better! I want everyone to know the better options are and have the finances to fill their kitchens.

But at the end of the day I know I simply have to accept all of those feelings. They are all a part of how I have come to be where I am. And I have to move on to being hopeful. Hopeful that one day everyone will have the knowledge I have, and then some! Hopeful that people will start to vote with their dollar and choose healthy natural items over engineered. Hopeful that everyone will know what it tastes like to eat natural food, not depend on milk and dairy, and treat the world with more kindness.

It wasn't until this past weekends trip to the store that I let myself sort through all of this that I had been feeling for awhile. I have decided that it is definitely better to experience these waves of emotion than to feel nothing at all. I choose passion over complacency any day. Have you ever had an awakening over something that once seemed so simple? ♥

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