Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Every year my style changes a little bit so all my holiday decor tends to follow suit. This also means I typically have to roll up my sleeves and find a less expensive way to make the decor I want. I was inspired by this wreath I found on Pinterest. I modified it a little and love the way it turned out! We have a red front door so the pink and gold arrow pops against it perfectly!

How I did it:
Materials- One heart shaped foam wreath, gray yarn, dowl, 2 wooden crafting hearts, glue

Method- I wrapped the wreath form with the yarn (this takes awhile, heads up!) and tied it off securely. The loop was already a part of the wreath so I lucked out there! Next, take two wooden craft hearts, cut one in half with an Exacto knife. This one will be your arrow 'feathers'. Paint them your color of choice and your arrow head heart another. Glue them in place with a super glue or quick drying wood craft glue and allow to fully dry. Glue the 'arrow head' to the front and allow to dry. Hang, and enjoy!

I love having an indoor entry so I can hang any wreath I want and not worry about the elements. This would be cute hanging indoors as well!

Happy Crafting ♥

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