Monday, February 3, 2014


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I love Valentines day. I look forward to the break in the winter bleakness for the opportunity to revel in all that is pink, red, and glittery. I realize that I am one of a small group who loves this holiday so dearly- most people scoff and proclaim their dislike, and dare I say, hate of the holiday. Yes, jaded love can make this holiday seem like one for those in committed happy relationships. So cupid may not have struck you yet but I say forget cupid, and simply love yourself! 

Having a loving relationship with yourself seems as delightful a topic to approach as loving your enemy. When you reflect on how you treat yourself, is it with the kindness and compassion you would bestow on a friend- or do you harshly criticize and tear yourself down like a mean girl?

I know my own shortcoming is harsh criticism. I am my worst critic- I make ridiculous standards to hold myself to and am quick to chastise myself when those standards aren't being met. To what point?! It makes for a lot of negative energy flowing through me to bring myself down and lessen my worth.  People compliment me in some way and my immediate response is to brush it off- I can do better! This is my downfall, and an area I am trying to work on everyday.

As progressive people we like to be better and do better. And that is healthy. But what isn't is when you fail to accept where you are today and reward yourself for getting to the present. 

In my daily affirmations one of my favorite things to write out is that I love who I am today. If you don't love yourself today, how can you love what you are tomorrow? A major attitude adjustment has to occur from the negative to that of acceptance and gratitude for what you have today- otherwise the abundance of the universe only sees dissatisfaction and that is all you will receive, more dissatisfaction!

Love yourself today. Write out a list of things you love about yourself- physical, emotional, mental. When you are looking in the mirror while getting ready for the day, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself you love who are. If others can love you the way you are, then why do we find it so hard to love ourselves as well? By loving ourselves we soften and open our hearts to loving others even more. Anger will soften, judgments will lessen, and on a whole we become more at peace with the love that is in all of us. 

I believe it is our nature to love- that good honest love is built into our DNA as humans. So this month, in the spirit of pink, red, glitter, and hearts- affirm to yourself everyday that you love you.

I promise it will be amazing ♥

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