Saturday, March 22, 2014


Over the years I have found that I am a chronic sufferer of the 'Whats Next Syndrome'. It has proven to be both a blessing and a curse. I am a person who likes change, sitting in one place for too long makes me antsy. Whether its a physical place or a mental state my natural disposition is to evolve. The issue is I don't always know what to evolve towards. I have also found over the years that this can be a rather emotionally painful conundrum when the answers are coming more slowly that the desire wants.

When I look at these pictures I can't help but think ... who is this? who is posting these photos of super food smoothies, bendy yoga poses and Pilate's challenges on my blog?! A mere 8 months ago I had not done a back bend in years, 12 months ago I never thought I could give up dairy let alone cheese! 10 months ago I was posting personal style photos and crafts, 7 months ago I started a healing journey that I had no idea how it was going to work. 14 months ago I had a melt down about the seemingly directionless state of my life.

And there is today.  I am happier. I am stronger. I am more bendy. I am healthier. I have a brighter look on life. Thankfully this space has grown with me- my life has expanded to welcome new experiences and as I keep working towards my 2014 goal of living more fearlessly I know there are more uncharted territories to be discovered this year. But lately the issue hasn't been the lack excitement of starting something new or the willingness to let go. Its been that I don't know what to do. Which direction do I take? Whats my next big adventure? How do I know?

In 2014 I have already joined an instagram yoga challenge, a 30 day Pilate's challenge, faced my aversion to blenders and started playing with super food smoothies, tried a handful of new foods, changed the pace of this blog, and am gratitude journaling daily. I have fearlessly faced my inner issues and failure, inadequacy, and insecurity, though a daily battle, I am facing them. So whats the next conquest? Where do I leap, how do I grow more?

Everyone's life journey is so different. They go at different paces, different directions, develop different perceptions. To find your own voice can be scary in itself, let alone find it among a billion other people. You can follow others for only so long before you realize your legs are strong enough to carry you on your own- they have a spring in them ready to launch into the unknown.

Today I don't know what is next. I know I am ready for bigger things, face something a little larger, get a little more out of my comfort zone. Acknowledging I am ready for a challenge is a solid first step- it grounds me. The answer may or may not be simple- maybe I am meant be more like a glacier and slowly change through life and not so much like a wave crashing from one thing to the next.

These are just some open ended questions that have been swimming in my brain the last few days- growing pains are a bummer but they in fact lead to much greater things. Patience and humbleness are key to waiting for answers.

But in the meantime, if you are waiting for answers like I am here are some super easy recipes for you to try/change/make your own- the foods are pictured above! This is pretty typical fare for my days off and are easy, quick, and delicious!

Super Smoothie
1 Banana
1 cup Coconut milk
1 cup Blueberries (or any berry on hand, really)
2 tbs Hemp seeds
1 scoop Amazing Grass Superfood powder (any flavor)

Fruits n' Greens Salad
2 cups mixed greens (pictured is kale, spinach, romaine)
1 cucumber, cut
1/2 cup strawberries, sliced
1 kiwi, sliced
2 tsp Hemp Seed
2 tsp Chia Seed
2 tbs Non Dairy Ranch (because its soooo good)

Happy Weekend, friends ♥

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