Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Happy Hump Day! Its windy and rainy outside so I jammed my workout early so I could get cozy in pajamas with a good book ASAP- its the little things in life, right?

I love buying new books. As much as I love the luxury of my Kindle there is nothing that beats the feeling of a new book. And lately I have been loving the books that get me highlighting and marking up the pages that inspire me. Two new ones I picked up over the last week are both by my favorite Zen Master, Thich Naht Hanh- one day I hope to attend one of his retreats! I find his style of teaching so clear and concise- easy to follow and apply to my own life.

What brought me to book shopping is the fact that I have been feeling a little defeated in the positive thinking department. Some of my old habits of negative thoughts- though not drastic- are creeping in as I am facing some new decisions and choices. They are negative thoughts that are rooted in fear, the type of fear that acts like quick sand. Once I am in it seems impossible to get out of that mindset. I needed some inspiration!

So when I saw this book with the simple title of FEAR, I took it as a sign. So far it has been amazing. It starts from the beginning of our fears and works through all the stages. I know a lot of my own fears are rooted in past experiences that went wrong, left me hurt, and now I am terrified of that same painful vulnerability happening again. But it is this same fear that keeps me from progressing forward. It is a strange realization when you begin to accept and acknowledge a feeling, you are able to break it apart and become bigger than it. Fear is not always rational so you almost have to belittle that little bully to get it to go away. Finding time to meditate on my goals and dreams has been a lot of help to me this week in making my fear smaller. Having the vision of achieving what I want most and feel what it feels like to have it. Try it, its pretty exhilarating! No obstacles, no fears, just you and your achievement!

After I finish Fear and I will be moving on to Happiness because who can't use a little more coaching in happiness? Don't let ruts get the best of you, pick up a book, read a blog, search pinterest for artfully designed quotes that touch your soul and lift you up. Its hard to be in our own struggles everyday consumed by our innermost fears so looking at our situation from another perspective can give enough light at the end of the tunnel ♥

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