Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Every now and then I have a terrible time with eating clean. I seem to endlessly crave foods I have long cut out- like mac n' cheese, and I'm not talking about the kind made with Daiya ;) I am always in a state of progress- not perfection- when it comes to eating and I know that I am way better than I was even 6 months ago, but it doesn't make days like these any easier. Since changing my food habits in August of last year I have had plenty of opportunities to practice techniques to get me through the rough spots. Sometimes old habits just die hard but here are my go to's to keep on track...

Address why you are craving- Is it a situation? Emotions? Sometimes we find ourselves really wanting a cheeseburger and beer when we are out with our friends because that is what we used to do together. The comfort of the familiar and emotions tied to people and situations can be powerful. A lot of times simply acknowledging how we are being affected gives us enough power to make changes.

Try a new healthy snack option- peruse the aisles of your health food store, find a new recipe for clean sweets, or try a new fruit.

Have a stash- have one at home, the office, your car, wherever you find yourself getting cravings. Put healthy snack options that are your favorites and you know will help satiate the want to 'go crazy'. Don't let unhealthy options be easier to obtain than the healthy ones.

Have a small serving of what you are craving- not everyone will agree with this, but I have had  successful experiences with this method. Are Cheetos your weakness? Get a small serving, eat them slowly, and as you do, pay attention to how this junk food makes you feel compared to your healthy snacks. I guarantee you that you will not feel awesome after this- it actually helped turn me off to some of my old favorites!

Find clean food/ healthy habit inspiration- Thank goodness for Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and blogs. Sometimes flipping through a Yogi's instagram feed or searching clean food photos on Pinterest are enough to motivate me and inspire me to stick to it.  Especially when you find a role model that consistently inspires you- this can help remind you of what it means to you to eat clean and take care of yourself.

Whatever method I go with to kick a craving I always go right back to clean eating! Its not about guilt tripping yourself. I used to be very critical of myself when I would fall off the bandwagon and that honestly made me slip up even more! I have to love myself during the good and bad and remember that every day is a step closer to being a happier and healthier me ♥

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