Monday, March 10, 2014


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The past few weeks have been full of dreaming and scheming if nothing else. Dreams of better things to come this year, plans of how to get there, and faith that all we need for it to work out will come.

For me personally, I know my #1 set back of all time when it comes to achieving goals is myself. I am the type who plays it safe, inhibitions paralyze me, doubt and fear of the worst case scenarios riddle my brain. For example- I have made my share of mistakes in the past with finances, I have been burned, and felt foolish for these mistakes and it has planted a seed of timidness and feelings of lack. Our goals this year are going to push me to face these fears head on, open old wounds, and learn to have some faith when it comes to money. Changing my old thought patterns of ...

There simply isn't enough money for what I want
I have to work really hard to earn my money ... and then it seems to disappear!
This endeavor will probably take more money than I have or can imagine having- why bother?
Why will this situation be any different from the others? I am no good at balancing a check book- inevitable failure.

Ok, so slightly dramatic but you get the idea. I set myself up for money failures before I even begin! Booo! Any time these negative thoughts cross my mind or I want to start obsessively monitoring my accounts I take a breath and realign my thoughts with my goals. Its not easy. But eventually the negative thoughts are a little more quiet and the positive ones bring peace and balance back to my mind. I use statements like ...

Our account has more than enough for what we need and want
The universe will provide what we need and when we need it. 
I make wise decisions with our finances and therefore we are taken care of and comfortable. 
I am grateful for the abundance I already possess!
I deserve the financial freedom I desire, and I already have it!

I am not saying throw all caution to the wind. No no, what I am saying is don't let money be a ball and chain. Since practicing these 'thought switches' I have found I am simply smarter about my money and see a difference in my habits both outwardly and inwardly. Do whatever you must to get that feeling of abundance back. I read once that if you are feeling broke, go out and buy something! Feel that freedom of abundance. Even if that freedom is a $1 coffee at McD's.

So instead of counting the dollars to my name, I am going to be counting my blessings. Anticipating the great adventures ahead and have faith that I deserve and am ready for this next chapter in life. The lesson to be learned everyday is to not let things that intimidate us keep us from being the best we can be, we are all infinitely amazing- we just have to believe it and let everything else fall into place  ♥

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