Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Today I posted a picture on Instagram of my 'Splurge' meal from the weekend. Whats my definition of a splurge? Pretty much any meal that has a higher calorie count, and maybe a naughty food, like fries! My meal consisted of a vegan black bean burger with a big salad and fries- when I calculated all of the calories and nutritional values I got curious at how it would measure up against fast food. My big plate full of food was only 50 calories more than a single Big Mac! Crazy! and Awesome!

It got me thinking about the food choices I make- and the choices that everyone makes! Every piece of food that passes our lips is a choice. Even though my splurge meal was larger and heavier than a lot of my dinners through the week I still felt good afterward. Now had I swung through the drive thru would I have felt as awesome? Probably not.

Since changing my diet over to a cleaner one my body reacts a lot differently to processed foods- its an almost immediate discomfort. I am acutely aware when I have strayed too far from my healthier habits, and I am so grateful that my mind and body are on the same page. I wasn't always so intuned, I ate all sorts of crap and never realized that feeling crummy was directly related to the foods I had ate.

So what choices are you making these days? Are you choosing processed, fatty foods or are you actively seeking healthier alternatives? Do you think about what you are eating and how it makes you feel afterward?

I challenge you this week to be mindful of how you feel after your meals- you don't even have to change your diet, just think about how that food has made you feel and how it has nourished you. Did it nourish? Or do you feel heavy and tired afterward? Then try adding in a light healthy meal, maybe its vegetarian or maybe you choose a leaner meat than usual, balance it with a grain and veggies and watch your portions. Pay attention to how that meal makes you feel.

Once I started noticing differences between the foods I was eating it became a lot easier to maintain a healthier lifestyle, saying no to processed foods at the grocery store was no longer a challenge. I actually crave fruits now and salad is hands down one of my favorite meals! I'm not saying I am perfect- I still have moments of weakness. But when I stray it is a lot easier to get back on track these days. Let me know your choices these days, and if you play along with this little challenge I would love to know what you discover! ♥

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