Thursday, March 27, 2014


Happy Thursday! Its like my Friday so I am super pumped for a day off tomorrow. I am also super pumped because I hit a new goal today, I am on day 11 of my month long Pilates challenge and the scale is heading in the right direction! So today I rewarded myself with some new work out clothes :)

Motivation is a funny thing- it comes and goes in such powerful waves. It is as easy to lose as it is to find and sometimes keeping ourselves afloat seems hard when our goals seem so far away. Working out is not one of my favorite things and after a long day of work sometimes all I want to do is sit and watch Netflix but I don't- why? Because I have my sights set on something better. Here are some goal achieving methods I am currently putting to use to keep my motivation intact ...

1. Set small goals within your large goal! My ultimate goal is to be down inches and pounds by April 15, but every Thursday in my planner I have marked a place to write my progress. Set a small goal of any applicable increment that will lead to your ultimate goal- its like crossing multiple finish lines!

2. Reward yourself! Under my progress reports on Thursdays I have a place to designate a reward. Today was some new athletic wear, next week might be to treat myself to some pretty flowers- it doesn't have to cost money or be fancy, it just has to treat you to something special for all your hard work!

3. Find inspiration and look at it daily! Is there a person you admire, a beach you imagine yourself on, or a destination you see yourself arriving to? Find photos, write it down, do whatever and place it in a visible area or put it on your phone where you can view it daily. If you feel like wandering off the path that leads to your goal, look up your inspiration and affirm to yourself why you want whats in that picture or described in those words.

4. Share your success with someone who is excited for you! I hope you are blessed enough to have an accountability partner, a spouse, a BFF, or a family member who is super pumped for you to reach your goal! Nate is always the first to hear my successes and I know he is excited and proud of me and that affirms my own dedication.

5. Start everyday fresh! Last but not least, yesterday was yesterday and tomorrow is yet to come so focus on today. We all slip up and stray from our path from time to time, we are human after all- just get back on track ASAP and move forward!

Do you have any go-to strategies for staying motivated? I'd love to hear them! Remember that anything worth having has hard work behind it- that is what makes life so rewarding ♥

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